Sunday, February 8, 2009

Turn a $40 router into a $100 Wifi powerhouse

A problem that I had for a while was that I have wired devices, like my Media Center PC and my Xbox that are not wireless (B/G) enabled as such. I needed a way to give these devices network/Internet access without spending $100 or more to do so. After looking around, I stumbled upon DD-WRT, which is an open-source firmware for many of the common wireless routers around today. This software allows me to use my $40 (used) Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router and turn it into a 4-port wireless bridge, which would usually cost $100 or more to buy off the shelf. A wireless bridge is a device that acts as a network access point for wired devices, allowing them wireless network access, essentially "bridging" the gap between non-wifi devices and the network. DD-WRT has supported hardware listings so that you can see if your device is supported, and full installation instructions are also available. It's fast easy and free. Check it out.

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