Monday, February 9, 2009

Cell Phone + Memory Card = Portable Hard Drive

This one isn't a true "mod," but more of an "upgrade." Some of you may have a phone with a slot for a memory card. I personally have an LG enV2. Among this phone's many amazing features is a memory card slot for microSD and microSDHC cards, supporting capacities up to 8GB! This means that if I was to purchase an 8GB microSDHC card, then I could have a portable hard drive, right in my pocket. To put that in perspective, I could fit tens of thousands of pictures, thousands of mp3s, or seven 2-hour movies in AVI format, all right in my pocket. I can use Bluetooth or a Micro USB Cable in order to transfer files back an forth between the phone and any Mac or PC. This phone also allows me to take pictures and movies and store them on the memory card. I could literally shoot movies every day for the life of the phone and never fill the card. Many LG phones support these same features. I love the enV2 for its full QWERTY keyboard, great battery life, bluetooth, memory expandability, large screen and overall ease of use. If you don't have an enV2 or other LG phone, upgrading your phone's card memory is a very cheap (less than $20) and very easy way to get more out of your technology.

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