Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Game Room

For the first time in my life, I have a room dedicated to gaming. I finished setting it up this weekend. Just enough room for all my gaming hardware. Nothing on the walls yet, but I have plans to hang some arcade cabinet marquees and vintage game ads and posters, once I buy them, of course. My actual game collection is not really that substantial yet, but it's growing all the time. I have about a few dozen games for each system. Quite a few controllers as well. But what I lack in physical games, I make up for in emulation. Mostly due to the Xbox emulators, I have about 10,000 playable games total in this room. Not bad. Many good times will be had in this room.

Game Room Inventory
Neo Geo MVS Bartop (M.A.M.E.)
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter "Big Blue" Cabinet
Sony Wega 32" TV
Yamaha Receiver
Aiwa Speakers
Sega Dreamcast
Sony Playstation 2
Microsoft Xbox (w/ XBMC)
Nintendo NES
Nintendo 64
Motorola Cable Box

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